Trail Running Tips for Beginners


So you want to take up trail running? Have you grown tired of your road runs? Have you beaten a path on every pavement around your home circuit and are looking for something different? If that all sounds familiar, then trail running might just be the thing for you.

What is Trail Running?

Trail running usually takes place on softer tracks – grass, shingle, wood chippings, dirttrail-running
tracks, through woods, mountains or open grassy areas. It generally includes an incline or a decline and natural obstacles that mean you either have to change tack to navigate around them or you need to find a way over them. One thing we know for certain – there is no road running in trail running and that means no pounding the pavements and exhaust fumes, just soft underfoot and the open air of the beautiful countryside.

Which Are The Best Shoes For Trail Running?

Whilst trainers do always depend on your running style, the distances you plan to run and the frequency, when buying shoes for trail running you need to take the terrain you will be running on into account. For the purposes of this article we are assuming you are a beginner to trail running, so that means you may be taking it a little easier on your first few trail runs and picking a path that isn’t too extreme. If that is the case then the best trail running shoes are the shoes that you usually do your road running in. Generally you can get away with a little less cushioning in your trainers as you will be running on more forgiving surfaces – particularly if you are running somewhere grassy or even muddy.

If you do find yourself running in a rather muddy situation or even in ice or snow during the winter months, then it is likely you may need more specialised shoes to prevent injury through slipping.

The Benefits of Trail Running

Trail running is one of the best ways to explore the countryside – not only that but it will benefit your running form immensely. Changing direction, navigating uneven ground and obstacles will help to strengthen your ankles and provide the ideal opportunity for practising short strides and a strong running style.┬áSo – lace up those trainers, find yourself a trail and get exploring!