Should You Warm Up Before Playing Golf?


Most sports take some kind of warm up before you begin them, so the question is ‘Should you warm up before playing golf?’ Why is golf any different? Golf is equally as explosive as other sports so in order to better your performance a quick dynamic warm up before you start playing is likely to help your game – it is even suggested it can improve your range of motionĀ – so if it’s a choice between a new set of top of the range golf clubs or a quick warm up to improve your performance then it would be much cheaper to go for the warm up!

How to Warm Up Before Playing Golf

Not only can warming up before playing golf help with your performance physically but it can also help with your performance mentally. It gives you the chance to think through what’s ahead of you and visualise the holes and shots coming up.

Stick with dynamic stretches rather than static stretches before you play golf. That means you need to warm up with similar movements you will be using during your game. Avoid static stretches as that can actually reduce performance – save that for after the game or on a different day.

Golf Stretches to Get Your Heart Rate Up

Try a short brisk walk or jog for about 5 – 10 minutes as part of your warm up before playing golf. It doesn’t matter if this is outside or on a treadmill, it just helps to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up and your body flowing and loose.

With the golf club at the back of your shoulders in a wide grip and your arms stretched above your head, squat down keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Repeat this about ten times but don’t overdo it.

If you are feeling on top of your game then try some single leg squats with one foot resting on the opposite knee – support yourself on a bar in front and squat – repeat this about ten times and then change legs.

Golf Swing Stretches

Continue your warm up routine with some arm circling to loosen up your shoulders incorporate some twists into your routine togolf-stretches make sure you are loosening up your hips – keep your feet shoulder width apart and twist from the waist upwards. If you prefer to use a golf club to keep your twists straight then hold the golf club across the back of your shoulders and twist from side to side – keep the flexibility in the hips. Remaining in the same position then bend to one side and then the other making sure you keep your torso straight.

Make sure you loosen up enough to get swinging with your full range of motion and get yourself mentally prepared – whether that means following up by heading to the driving range to hit out a few balls or heading to the putting green for some slow putting practise.

Don’t try to change anything in your game when you warm up – just practise and don’t out any pressure on yourself.