What is a Shakeout Run and Should I be Doing it?

what is a shakeout run

If you are fairly new to running and you have started to get more involved in┬ácompetitive running you will probably have heard the term ‘shakeout run’. If you are on Instagram and you follow some of the running hashtags, then you are even more likely to have seen one of the many millions of Instagram runners posting up pictures of their shakeout runs.

What is a Shakeout Run?

A shakeout run is basically a short and easy jog on the morning of the race. It shouldn’t be a strenuous run – just something light what is a shakeout runand easy to get blood flowing to the muscles and oxygen to the muscles. Usually a shakeout run lasts for about 10 – 15 minutes and is best done about two to two and a half hours before your race. That may sound crazy early for those of you in hot countries whose runs usually start at around 5am but being up early before your race should be on the cards for you to achieve your best performance.

How Does a Shakeout Run Benefit Me?

There are many benefits to a shakeout run, although it is debated at exactly which point in the morning it is at its most beneficial – research suggests that just before the run, however, many professional runners will do the shakeout run about two hours before their run. They will do this for a number of reasons:

  1. It helps to wake you up so that you are ready for the race and not trying to beat lethargy and the yawns.
  2. It helps to get increase blood flow to your muscles – in turn loosening you up before the run.
  3. It helps to get the digestive system moving which is just what you need to avoid being hit by a serious case of the stomach upsets when you are on the race.