What Should I Eat Before an Early Morning Run?

There are a few factors in determining what to eat before an early morning run and those include things such as the distance you are running, your sensitivity and tolerance to certain foods and even how much and what types of food you have eaten the night before.

what should I eat before an early morning runBecause morning can sometimes be one of the most difficult times to find enough time to squeeze in your activities, get your full amount of sleep and fuel up, most people are looking for quick easy breakfast options. In an ideal world it would be great to get to bed half an hour earlier and get up a little earlier to give yourself more time to eat before an early morning run. If that isn’t an option then a light breakfast avoiding high protein and high fat foods should be best for you. It will take time to experiment to see what your body can tolerate and how much you need to keep you energised for the distance you are going.

What To Eat Before an Early Morning Short Run

what should I eat before an early morning run
One of our favourite foods before a run!

Some runners manage to get away without eating breakfast and just swallowing down some coffee before heading out for a run, particularly if it is a shorter run of 3 or 4 miles. Others can tolerate a half bagel with a small amount of peanut butter about half an hour to an hour before running and some people are ok with half an energy bar or a banana about half an hour beforehand.

What to Eat Before an Early Morning Long Run

If you are heading for a longer run (usually for more than 75 minutes) and know that your morning fuel up breakfast isn’t going to be sufficient to keep you going then take some gels or gel chews along with you on the run or a sports drink to swallow down once you are a few miles into the run. However, for longer runs it isn’t advisable to skip breakfast and then try to make up for it on the run. If you have an hour before your run, then you can pack in about twice as many carbs as you can if you only have about half an hour before you run. Don’t forget to keep refuelling whilst you are running – great snacks are dried fruit, energy drinks and gels.